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After reversing storage as a convex mirror can not be totally dependent on

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Backup storage is likely to be encountered at any time everyday driving, the driver that parking storage difficult, mainly due to rear blind spot, it is estimated are not allowed to reverse manipulation, postural distortion and other causes. Backup storage is therefore to master every driver are inevitable, following the experience of common storage 1, reversing slowly, even if the collision, the speed slow enough to not cause too much damage. 2, the vehicle parked next to the direction with the consistent, this can reduce the chance of vehicles being damaged in the machine. 3, pay attention to obstacles in the rear parking spaces, in particular by small and hard objects, such as fire hydrant, concrete barrier. 4, determine the distance of obstacles can be opened with the headlights or brake lights, often being left on the spot according to the smaller things that the closer the vehicle from the obstacle.

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