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Mirror PVC material produced PVC (polyvinyl chloride) poisonous?

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PVC poisonous? Mirror PVC material produced PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is often used as a plastic, PVC products at higher temperatures, such as 50 degrees will gradually break down the hydrogen chloride gas that the human body Harmful, so PVC products should not be used as food packaging. Bakelite (Bakelite) containing free phenol and formaldehyde, the human body have a certain toxicity, is not suitable for storage of food and food packaging. Power Jade (urea-formaldehyde plastic) although the odorless and tasteless, but in 100 degree boiling water or vinegar for food when in full bloom, there will be precipitation free formaldehyde, harmful, so it is not suitable as eating utensils or food packaging. Waste plastics (some may add some new material) of the updated product, because of its complex composition, it is difficult to ensure that not with toxic, they are generally not used as a food bowl and packaging.

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